The Company

Normeka AS

We are a mechanical manufacturing company, specializing in the manufacture of aluminium products. Besides our own brands, AmpliSafe® and AmpliForm®, we also offer a wide variety of services as a subcontractor, such as mechanical manufacturing. With modern production equipment, we offer you flexible solutions and a secure delivery.  Normeka is a financially stable supplier and a safe partner for your current and future needs. 

The backbone of the company is our experienced and loyal staff. Normeka has a team of roughly 30 employees. Some of us have worked here since the very beginning and several others are closing in on 30 years in the company, these highly experienced employees, together with a healthy mix of trainees and people that worked here for five, ten or twenty years, gives us a very solid and compentent workforce both today and for the future. Together we all take great pride in honoring our credo since many years “always ready for new challenges”.


Our history goes back to 1980, when Norsk Marconi made the decision to establish a manufacturing division in Rømskog, for the manufacture of Intrument Landing System (ILS) antennas and related equipment. In 1988, Normarc AS acquired the ownership of the ILS product line. The company, Normeka AS, was founded to continue the manufacturing of mechanical components related to the ILS.

Indra Navia‘s NORMARC ILS has since the early 80’s experienced a steady growth, and today holds a large part of the worldwide market for instrument landing systems. Throughout the years, we have expanded our operations with many other products and customers, but still today, production of antennas for the ILS and related products are a large part of our annual turnover.


As a part of an industry where safety comes first, we take quality seriously. We continuously work to improve ourselves by always strive to find smarter and more efficient methods in order to satisfy our customers’ demands for quality products and on-time delivery. Normeka AS is certified according to NS-ISO 9001-2008.


Phone: + 47 69 85 90 90