NORMARC Frangible Masts by AmpliSafe®

AmpliSafe® is a product line which consists of frangible aluminium masts, developed by Normeka AS. The strength of the lattice structure combined with the low weight and non-corrosive properties of aluminium results in a strong but lightweight mast, which requires virtually no maintenance for decades to come.


The AmpliSafe® product line is suited for a wide variety of applications – for illumination, meteorological equipment, approach lights or glide path towers. The masts can also be used as pillars to support platforms, like the example in the picture below, where they support the platform for localizer antennas.


Indra Navia AS
Meteorologisk institutt
Dulf Aviation AS

For additional information and specifications, please have a look at our Normarc Frangible Masts by AmpliSafe® brochure and AmpliSafe® – durability in corrosive environments info sheet.

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