Unionsmarathon 2017

Normeka AS are proud to announce that we once again has contributed to a succesful Unionsmarathon as one of three main sponsors. Unionsmarathon has been an annual event on Kurøen, Rømskog since 2005. Originally arranged as a one time event, to mark the 100th anniversary of the dissolution of the Swedish Norwegian Union, by Rømskog IL (NOR) and BSK (SWE). The arrangement turned out to be a success and has therefore continued since then.

Normeka has also contributed to the arrangement with many fine runners, rangeing from fast to less fast, even though most of us do not have much to do with the fight for medals, many fierce battels have been fought between collegues closing in on the finish line.

Please follow this link for more information regarding Unionsmarathon.

The picture below shows the price ceremony for mens marathon distance.


Summer vacation 2017

Normeka AS will close for summer vacation from july 17th until july 28th. It can be difficult to come in contact with us during this period, but in urgent matters cell phone will be the best option. Please find contact information on this page https://normeka.no/contact/

We wish you all a wonderful summer.

Mazak VTC-530C milling machine

We are happy to once again announce an addition to our machining department.

Normeka AS has invested in increased machining capacity, by installing a new Mazak VTC530C milling machine. This new investment will increase our overall machining capacity, and together with our current VTC, the new Mazak VTC-530C will focus on low to medium-size production batches in order to maintain our capacity to handle larger size batches in our robot-operated machining center.

Omorganisering ved Normeka AS


Andreas Nilsson overtar rollen som Kvalitetsleder ved Normeka AS. Han tiltrer formelt stillingen 1. februar 2017.


Det vil fortsatt være et sterkt fokus på det viktige arbeidet innenfor QA og kontinuerlig forbedringsarbeid.

I år skal Normeka bl.a. ha på plass revidert standard iht. NS EN ISO 9001;2015.

Dette er en viktig prosess, som Andreas påbegynner umiddelbart etter å ha startet i stillingen som kvalitetsleder.


Andreas har erfaring med arbeidsoppgaver innenfor bl.a. prosjektledelse, salg og logistikk i Normeka’s virksomhet.


Normeka arbeider med å få på plass en ny person i logistikkrollen som Andreas p.t. innehar.


Vi ønsker Andreas lykke til med nye utfordringer i Normeka.


Med vennlig hilsen

Normeka AS


Sigurd Nilsen

Daglig leder

Merry christmas!


From all the staff at Normeka AS to all of our customers, suppliers and business-partners, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

New production facilities at Normeka AS

nybygg-sv nybygg-so

As a result of our growth over the past decade, the need for larger production facilities has became more and more urgent. During the spring of 2015 Normeka made the decision to expand our production facilities with a new production building, located between our main production plant and our AmpliForm®-plant.

The 25th of august 2016 the keys to the new facilities was handed over and we are now in the final phases of the moving process.

Our new facilities will house our assembly lines and main warehouse, this will make more room available for our mechanical processing centers and will enable us to optimize internal logistic and make future growth possible.

New robot operated machining center at Normeka AS

IMG_6429Normeka AS are proud to present our latest addition to our machining division. Over the past few month we have had a new Mazak Nexus vertical maching center installed together with a robot work cell. By the use of vision camera the robot can identify and pick parts from a conveyer belt and insert it in the machining center. The robot also change position of the part where multiple side machining is required and place parts in pallets when finished.

The installation of the robot cell has given Normeka a significant increase in machining capacity, and together with the rest of our highly automated manufacturing equipment, we are ready to offer our customers competitive manufacturing services also for the future.



IMG_6451Chairman of the board, Eldar Hauge (left), and CEO, Sigurd Nilsen (right), gave speeches and served cake to mark the opening of the machining center.


New website

We are proud to have launched this new website and hope that you will find it as accessible and easy to use as we do.