AmpliSafe® & AmpliForm® featured in ground breaking Norwegian innovation

MSG Production has over the past decade developed a ground breaking new method for de-iceing and washing of aircrafts. The method is basically based on the same principal as a conventional car-wash, however the scale and complexity of a wash and de-icing facility, that can accommodate aircrafts up to the size of a Boeing 737, is not to be compared to that of a conventional car wash.

The MSG Production new product presents several significant economical and environmental advantages over current methods to de-ice and wash aircraft. Some of the most important is that the processes for both will be performed much more efficient and thorough, as washing and de-iceing programs can be tailored for each type of aircraft, this will dramatically reduce both waiting time before takeoff, as well as the consumption of de-icing liquid.

As the entire process is contained inside the de-iceing and washing facilities it is far easier to collect the de-icing liquid, which automatically will be recycled so that it can be used over and over again. That means that MSG Productions new system for de-iceing completely eliminates the currently troubling environmental impact of de-iceing liquid escaping to the air, to the ground or in sewer-system. Of course, the recycling of de-iceing liquid also presents an economical cost reduction.

Normeka AS are proud to be able to contribute to this project by providing products from our AmpliSafe® and AmpliForm®-product lines. The AmpliSafe® masts provides both vertical and horizontal support for the washing boards mowing along the fuselage of the aircraft, and the AmpliForm® products are used for walkways under the ceiling, enabling operator and maintenance access.

The massive interest that MSG Productions new product has received, suggests that this probably will be a common sight at airports in the future. We wish them the best of luck, and look forward to a long and interesting co-operation together.

Airsafe joint with Normeka to promote its frangible masts in China AGL market

Sept 6th, 2018, Airsafe Airport Equipment Co., Ltd, and Normeka AS signed a distribution agreement at Interairport China 2018 to promote Normarc frangible masts by AmpliSafe® in China AGL market.

Airsafe will use its strong business channel which support its #1 position in China AGL market to promote Normeka’s Normarc frangible masts by AmpliSafe®.

Normeka will put its effort to support the business exploration in China. The high quality products with short lead-time can satisfy the customers’ demands in China market.

Charlie Xie, Marketing Director of Airsafe Airport Equipment Co., Ltd, said: “Normarc frangible masts will extend our AGL business for customer needs, a strong support for our integrated AGL solution. And this partnership and cooperation between Airsafe and Normeka will also support the global business development for two parties.”

Jan Tore Rognstad, International Sales Manager, of Normeka AS, said: “China is a very interesting market, with a huge potential for the future. To partner up with the #1 position AGL manufacturer, and get the opportunity to supply more of our high quality products into this market will benefit Normeka, Airsafe and not at least the end users. This cooperation will also mean a lot for the global development of Normarc frangible masts by Amplisafe®”.

Normeka AS is located at Roemskog nearby Oslo in Norway. Normeka was established in 1980, when Normarc decided to establish a manufacturing division in Roemskog, for the manufacture of Intrument Landing System (ILS) antennas and related equipment like frangible masts. We are a mechanical manufacturing company, specializing in the manufacture of aluminium products. Normeka is a subsidiary of Indra Navia and manufacture all mechanical parts for their successful Normarc ILS, besides our own brands, AmpliSafe® and AmpliForm®.

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Airsafe Airport Equipment Co., based at Shanghai, China, was established in 1987 with a history of 30 years. After decades of efforts, Airsafe has now become an internationally recognized brand with its full series of airfield lighting products which fully comply with related standards and requirements of FAA, ICAO, EASA and IEC, etc.

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New trainee

Sverre Krogtoft Krog has been offered, and accepted to perform his trainee-period at Normeka AS. His trainee-period started august 27th and he will spend the coming two years working toghether with our experienced staff in the thin plate processing department. In order to ensure best possible guidance during this period, Thor Axel Ringsbu, our most senior co-worker in this department, has accepted the role as Sverres mentor.

We wish Sverre welcome to our team and the best of luck with his trainee-period.

Normeka AS at Inter Airport China

Normeka AS will attend the Inter Airport China-fair held in Beijing 5-7 september. Normeka AS will be represented by Jan Tore Rognstad and Gunstein Arnesen, who will participate to promote our product line NORMARC Frangible Masts by AmpliSafe®.

Summer vacation 2018

Normeka AS will close for summer vacation from july 16th until july 27th, and have reduced capacity in the period july 9th until august 3rd. It can be difficult to come in contact with us during this period, but in urgent matters cell phone will be the best option. Please find contact information on this page

We wish you all a nice and sunny summer!

Local kindergarten visit Normeka AS

This week, Normeka AS had the joy to welcome the local kindergarten in our facilities, to study our technology and automated processes. In the picture below our managing director informed the children about our robot-assisted machining center. The children was very interested in both the things presented and everything else.


Normeka AS sponsored cross country ski athlete making progress

Kristina Bergquist has been competing in cross country skiing since the age of 7. Now, ten years later, her dedication and hard work has payed off and she is now accepted to Norges Toppidrettsgymnas (translates to Norwegian Elite Athlete High School) in Lillehammer, as one of just five girls accepted. At NTG Kristina will continue to pursue her dream of reaching the absolute elite in cross country skiing. Normeka AS wishes Kristina the best of luck, and are glad to see all the fine results she already has achieved.

Below is a picture showing Kristina (first) in a 5 km classic style competition.