AmpliSafe® & AmpliForm® featured in ground breaking Norwegian innovation

MSG Production has over the past decade developed a ground breaking new method for de-iceing and washing of aircrafts. The method is basically based on the same principal as a conventional car-wash, however the scale and complexity of a wash and de-icing facility, that can accommodate aircrafts up to the size of a Boeing 737, is not to be compared to that of a conventional car wash.

The MSG Production new product presents several significant economical and environmental advantages over current methods to de-ice and wash aircraft. Some of the most important is that the processes for both will be performed much more efficient and thorough, as washing and de-iceing programs can be tailored for each type of aircraft, this will dramatically reduce both waiting time before takeoff, as well as the consumption of de-icing liquid.

As the entire process is contained inside the de-iceing and washing facilities it is far easier to collect the de-icing liquid, which automatically will be recycled so that it can be used over and over again. That means that MSG Productions new system for de-iceing completely eliminates the currently troubling environmental impact of de-iceing liquid escaping to the air, to the ground or in sewer-system. Of course, the recycling of de-iceing liquid also presents an economical cost reduction.

Normeka AS are proud to be able to contribute to this project by providing products from our AmpliSafe® and AmpliForm®-product lines. The AmpliSafe® masts provides both vertical and horizontal support for the washing boards mowing along the fuselage of the aircraft, and the AmpliForm® products are used for walkways under the ceiling, enabling operator and maintenance access.

The massive interest that MSG Productions new product has received, suggests that this probably will be a common sight at airports in the future. We wish them the best of luck, and look forward to a long and interesting co-operation together.